About the REDUN Online Art Gallery

The COVID-19 pandemic hit West Kootenay communities hard, including the vulnerable populations who call the region home. Research showed that people experiencing homelessness and addictions in Nelson, Castlegar, and Trail were experiencing higher levels of isolation and stigma during the pandemic. In response, the Rural Empowered Drug Users Network (REDUN) mobilized to support their community. REDUN artists gathered, created art, and shared how their work reflects their life and experiences. Their creations make an important contribution to the body of work from the West Kootenay’s talented arts community.

The REDUN Online Art Gallery is a project of REDUN- an initiative of ANKORS. Site development was supported by Selkirk College’s Rural Homelessness and COVID-19 Project, which received funding from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council’s College and Community Innovation Program.


REDUN is a program for current and former drug users, and their friends, family, and supporters. REDUN is formed on the premise that:

  • It’s powerful when people who use drugs can come together and connect for peer support: it reminds us ( and each other) that we are people who care, we have feelings, we have ideas, we have talents, we care about each other, the issues, and our community.
  • Drug users Know best what our challenges are, and we are capable of participating and contribution in positive ways to service delivery design and policy development.
  • People deserve environment that support dignity, health, human rights, and respect for current and former drug users and the community at large.

For more information about REDUN, visit ankors.bc.ca/redun/